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Ninja Blender Reviews


Best ninja blenderIs summer is at its peak and you have not yet found the best blending companion for your needs? If yes, then this is the right place for a buying guide. I am also from your category who has tried a number of blenders but each time, I was disappointed. After trying most of the product available in the market, I come to know about some of the best manufacturers along with what people think about their products. Each of those manufacturers claims to be the best, reliable and satisfying.

Why they should be trusted?

Are you a person who only relies upon previous reviews or trust what others are saying? Or, you think a bit different to adopt a different approach and find the best blending companion?

After searching for so long and experiencing many failures, I have got some of the best blending products which I think can suit all types of customers’ needs and will definitely satisfy them. Here, I would like to mention one thing that all products are not suitable for your needs but I can assure any of them can complement your needs.

So, here list eh list of best blenders I have shortlisted after lots of research and reading hundreds of customers’ reviews. There prices are also affordable. So, try them out!

  1. Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)
  2. Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System 1500
  3. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204)
  4. Euro-Pro Sales QB1004 Ninja MasterPrep Professional Blender
  5. Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

Top 5 Blenders’ Comparison

Top 5 Blenders’ Reviews


1. Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830) review

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus is among the best blenders that are capable of producing best drinks with smoothness and consistency when users blend it for about 2 o 3 minutes instead of 1 minute like many other blenders. It upper blade helps to assemble ingredients, which is the most important part of any smoothie. Because it has a bulge in middle, it is easy for the ingredients to mix and move. Also, the blades are helpful for extra cutting.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus can work and prepare delicious smoothies if handled properly. Buyers have to use their common sense with bit patience when it is blending. Here are the

Features and how it works

  • Power: Ninja Ultima Blender Plus has a 1500 watts or 2.5 peak hp motor to crush and mix the tough ingredients. Its combination of power and blade speed is the best tool that makes it preferable and lets user to develop delicious and tasty dishes.
  • Versatility: Ninja Ultima Blender provides more versatility and reliability as compared to traditional blenders, as it is provided with Dual Stage Blending Technology with higher speed and power. You can make countless and endless drink recipes with complete combination of nutrients.
  • Single serve blending facility: Put the ingredients, place lid, press start button and start blending! Blend in the single serving drink cups, twist on the sip and seal the lid for a convenient, healthy snack with ease in cleaning.
  • Dual Stage Blending Technology: Best blades have patented gear mechanism to move two pairs of blades with separate RPMs.
  • Safe Interlocking Designs: In order to lock its pitcher on the motor base, simply use the pour spouts.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus ensures to be helpful in regular blending without any kind of hassle and difficulty. You can prepare the best drinks with lots of minerals and nutrition from fruits and vegetables. This blender is considered to be the one and only piece that has dual stage processing feature and High Speed Cyclonic and Total Crushing option.

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2. Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System 1500Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System 1500 review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 offers professional power and performance in single serve, 72 ounce pitcher and XL 8-cup processing bowl. This expert quality blender, processor, juicer and mixer is provided with 2+ horsepower motor which is capable of handling countless jobs in seconds. This kitchen system helps users to concentrate on preparing, serving and enjoying food.

Experience the difference between Ninja Kitchen System and full sized blending performance, which is now available in single serve blending. Prepare healthy, personal drinks for a healthy lifestyle. With its generous eight cup capacity, Ninja Mega Kitchen System is able to equip house bakers with its unique ability to mix 2 pounds dough effortlessly.

Features and How it Works

  • Pulse and other setting options: The Ninja Mega Kitchen System provides a number of professional blending facilities that let users to emulsify fruits and vegetables, crush ice, dice, chop, mix and process drinks, foods and prepare smoothies, frozen delights like frozen yogurts or ice creams.
  • 2 horsepower and 1500 watts motor: This efficient performing blender can make different types of drinks, foods within a short time period. It is a strong and sturdy machine which is helpful to blend any kind of ingredients.
  • 65 ounce and 72 ounce BPA Free Pitchers Having Sharp Blades: The large capacity of this kitchen system allows users to prepare a large quantity of food in a short time. Its sharp blades make sure consistent and fast blending each time.
  • Single Serve Blending Cups having to go Lids: Perfect for small tasks which you do regularly and even, you can use cups for drinking.
  • Non-slip, Sturdy Base: The base of Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has suction cups which lock the units to their counters in order to make sure they do not move.
  • Ease in Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe: Minimize your time to clean as it is very easy to clean, even, its parts are dishwasher safe and can be washed easily.

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3. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) review

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse gives you professional results because it combines the work of a number of applications into one to give you optimal performance. Its Pulse Technology will give the user consistent, evenly blended and processed ingredients each time. It will blend drinks, crush ice and process ingredients. It will even make juice from whole fruits, vegetables and also knead dough giving it positive reviews.

The BL204 system has a processor bowl to hold 40 ounce with lid, blending single serving cups, 4-blades, blade for single serve, 3 travel lids, dough blade, cookie paddle and pitcher which is dishwater safe.

The 700 watts System Pulse hands you the convenience and power combining latest Ninja technology in blades plus single serving cups, processor bowls and very easy to handle attachments to meet all your needs.
The Ninja blade technology gives you controlled blending, kneading, juicing and processing by the use of short pulses. For the single serving blending, all you have to do is just fill the single cup, blend and you are ready to go. It is blending right there for a single drink cup with little to clean. Ninja BL204 which has been rated highly by the immersion blender reviews due to its ability to knead and mix cookie dough, pizza dough and bread dough besides other kinds of dough.

Additional benefits include:

  • Professional results
  • Powered by pulse technology
  • Ultimate versatility
  • 40 oz processor BPA free bowl coming with lid.
  • Dough hook and waddle
  • 2 single serve cups having travel lids, which are also BPA free
  • Perfect for blending, grating, mincing and many more.

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) comes at a weight of 8.990 lbs and a one year warranty. This is no doubt one of the best immersion blenders in the market today.

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4. Euro-Pro Sales QB1004 Ninja MasterPrep Professional Blender Ninja Blender reviews

The Ninja Master Prep is designed to face the toughest challenges in the culinary area. The revolutionary drink and food and maker bring together the best of a food processor, traditional blender and stick blender in one product.

It quickly prepares finely chopped salsas, salads and dips, without making a mush with its 450-watt power blender. If you desire to prepare those creamy, yummy, frozen drinks, smoothies and desserts, just switch from the chopping mode of this same Euro-Pro blender to the Master Prep Pitcher of the same and you are sure to get good results. Your work will keep fresh as the Euro-Pro QB1004 comes with 2 storage lids.

Splash guard and ninja blades of this powerful 450-watt blender will ensures you get good results without making a mess. Maintaining and cleaning this highly rated immersion blender by reviews is convenient and easy as it comes with parts that ate dishwater safe.

Main features include a special 6 blade with ninja technology able to chop, blend and crush ice easily; 450 watt motor; three attachable containers; interchangeable powerful master pod that activates the bowls and pitcher; 116oz chopper;1 40oz prep bowl and1 48 oz pitcher.

Additional benefits for the user include:

  • Storage lids for both bowl and Pitcher.
  • Operation by one touch pulse
  • Dices, chops, purees and blends easily
  • Crushes ice into fluffy snow, creates creamy frozen drinks and desserts fast
  • An easy pour spout
  • Dishwater safe lid, bowl and blades
  • Stainless steel design in professional black
  • BPA free

This is an easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store product which come s highly recommended by immersion blender reviews as one of the best immersion blenders in the market today at that price.

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5. Ninja Master Prep Professional BlenderNinja Master Prep Professional Blender review

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender with, ninja technology is able to without much effort chop, mince and crush. This Ninja Blender comes with a 16-ounce bowl, 40-ounce pitcher and 48-ounce pitcher. To get started, one just attaches the motor head which is interchangeable to the pitcher or bowl.

The Ninja drink and food maker possesses strong pulsing power action to give one precise control when doing the blending. The non-slippery base gives enhanced stability. It comes with easy maintenance dishwasher-safe components.

Among its features are; 40oz Prep Pitcher, 48oz Prep Pitcher and a 16oz Prep Bowl. Coming with patented Ninja Blade Technology, the all plastic based blender with a very smooth finish has a watt output of 450 with only one speed. The blender’s volume capacity stands at 48.0 Oz and is able to handle beating, chopping, blending and mixing. Besides the pulse feature, the Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender has stainless steel blades and an interchangeable motor head. Ninja blender reviews have given them high marks due to their versatile features.

Additional benefits for the user:

  • New and improved Ninja features with two extra preparation bowls
  • Crushes ice in seconds into snow
  • Does not create mush and chops fresh produce evenly without giving you soggy results!
  • Able to blend even frozen fruits into smooth creams
  • Very convenient since you can be making several foods or drinks in each different container without having to wash each container after each use as you have several.
  • Blade design works quite well.
  • More powerful at 450 watts and even faster
  • Easy to set up, clean and store.

All in all, this immersion blender is one of the best and is definitely great value for your money with quite a number of accessories.

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How to Find an Ideal Blending Piece?

Blender is one of the most versatile and portable kitchen appliances that work as workhouses for the users. They can quickly and easily make purees of vegetables to crush ice and make soups. There are a number of blenders that are available in varied colors and styles. Their prices are affordable that start from $30 and go up to $500.

While buying an ideal piece, it is necessary to select one which suits all your requirements. Costly products are not always superior and effective than cheap blenders. This article will let you know about some key factors that will help you finding a perfect match.

Go with a sturdy base blender

Choosing a blending device having a sturdy and wide base is really difficult. This type of base is helpful in preventing the machine from vibration or movement while it is working at a higher speed. Blenders normally have a plastic or metallic base. Metallic base is more reliable, heavier and durable, thus, more compact and long lasting as compared to plastic bases.


While purchasing a blender, you should have to consider the nature of use you are buying for. If you just want to make smoothies or juices from crushed ice, then go for one which is hard enough to crush ice finely. Blenders having a minimum power of 350 watts are normally suitable for this purpose. Buying a low quality blender for crushing is just a waste of time and money. You can never get a creamy, smooth ice drink.


Grinders are normally available with many speed settings that allow users to vary their operational speed from low to high. Multiple speed blenders are capable of giving more precision, even though, they are not suitable for most of the jobs. While selecting an ideal Ninja blender, always consider one having pulse option in order to include quick power pulses for fast and efficient processing.


Food processors are generally provided with glass or plastic jugs. Cheap brands or products always use glass jugs as they are cheaper than plastic. Glass jugs are comparatively more defiant to scratches and last for a longer period of time, even though, they easily break. Plastic blender jugs get scratches as the time passes and their service life is shorter just because of repeated washing by dishwashers.

Other features

You must select a Ninja blender having a special lid which you can easily remove in order to add ingredients, while the blender is operating. Ninja blenders with glass jugs will not get damages so quickly after dishwashing, like plastic jugs get. Also, refer to the Ninja blender reviews to get authentic analysis and guide.


After making a lot of research and referring to different testimonial websites, I have found Euro-Pro Sales QB1004 Ninja MasterPrep Professional Blender the best and most effective one. Since it ranked second among the race and has quite satisfying reviews, I believe that this Ninja product can do well as compared to the other four products.

Those remaining four products might also be good in their place, but this is my gut feeling and believe that Euro-Pro Sales QB1004 Ninja MasterPrep Professional Blender can suit all types of blending needs.

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